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Free Personal or Group Reminders

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Personal Reminders
Using email, or by sending an SMS / Text Message you can set up any number of personal reminders for any date and time in the future. Personal reminders that are set up from your personal page on will automatically be sent by email - you can choose to send individual reminders by SMS / Text Message.
Personal Reminders that are set up by Email or by sending an SMS to our system will receive the reminder by Email and SMS (assuming you have added some credit to pay for outgoing SMS).
Setting up personal Reminders by SMS / Text Message
REM Command
When you send a message to our system Cell / Mobile number +44 7500 40 50 60 starting with the word REM the system knows that you are setting up a personal reminder.

Date Command
The date command is any date in a 6 digit format. When you set up your account you can choose US or International date format, so if you follow the REM command with 070910 the system knows if you mean July 9 2010 or 7 Sept 2010. We exclude . - or / from the date command so you have less keys to press.

Time Code
The time command is the time you want the message sent that day is 24 hour format, so 1300 is 1pm. The rest of the message is what you get in your reminder message.
Setting up personal Reminders from
From your personal Home page, click 'Send Message ' then 'Personal Reminder'. Then you enter the message you want to receive + the date and time you want to receive the message + if you want it repeated daily, weekly, Monthly or Annual (eg a pill reminder or a Birthday Reminder).
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